Friday, September 30, 2016

Romeo and Juliette

Roses are red
Thorns are green
I lay in your bed
My heart goes unseen

If roses were green
And if thorns were red
I'd still be Thirteen
And you'd love me instead

Roses aren't blue
Not purple or black
But if they were green
You may want me back

I can't make them green
I've tried every way
Roses are red
The true shade they'll stay

Seasons will change
And the petals will wilt
But some things survive
They are fatefully built

I searched for the rose
The rose that was red
Like a lost memory
It was green instead

I tried to see my rose
In every spring petal
I was blinded by grief
Unable to settle

Roses are red
Only one shade
You are my red rose
My only crusade

This Red rose
Is simply Inscribed
When Romeo was still
Juliette died

The pain of this poem
My rose colored red
Is that your still sleeping
As I lay in your bed

If Juliette hadn't hurried
To Romeo's side
Could she still live with meaning
If she hadn't died

If she hadn't died
from a broken heart
Romeo would be alive
But they'd still be apart.


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