Sunday, September 25, 2016

I was There.

I was there, for 29 years.
you laughed and you cried
you gave me your fears

As a child, a sibling
and even a friend
I was there from the start
and I'm here to the end

I'm here without condition
I'm here not to judge
I'm here at your will
to never hold a grudge

I'm here when you're up
I'm here when you're down
I'm here to bring air
when your starting to drown

I'm here by choice
I love you to a fault
make no mistake
I don't love you by default

If I loved you by default
I wouldn't be in pain
I'd be like a dog
Simply playing your game

I'm still here, at 29 years.
I've laughed and I've cried
I've suppressed my worst fears

I'm here when I'm up
I'm here when I'm down
I was there when I fell
when I thought I would drown

You weren't there by choice
you loved me by default
Humanity is sinful
yet I'll never place fault

I'm here and I'm there
and here I remain
you come and you go
Merely for your gain

Today I was here
Awakened by my Soul
who has been your subordinate
your damage control

Admittedly my Soul
opted-in to embrace
to be there when you called
your pain you could place

I'm here and you're there
memories at rest
I'll soundly let go
and cherish the best

For life is a memory
set deep in our core
I'm here
and still here
my soul demands more

To sin is human
to be human is a sin
we're willfully refusing
to explore deeper within

Choose who you love
this choice is a slate
Choose wisely and aptly
they're memories you'll create.


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