Saturday, December 3, 2016

Canvas Destroyed

Once upon a time
She was only 13

Her cookie cutter home
Grew grass always green

Quiet and reserved 
She followed her heart

Her intellect was wild
Like an abstract art

She invited a boy 
To her cookie cutter home

When he was with her
She felt less alone

He quickly showed her mind
How to dance with her heart

He was her new canvas
Her abstract art

As fast as hello
He had to say goodbye

She spent 15 years
Wanting to die

She never found another
Who could ignite her heart

Her canvas was empty
There was no art

Love was only real
For a very short time

She took what she could 
On the drop of a dime 

Dimes turned to pennies
Pennies became void

Her art is now dead
Her canvas destroyed

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