Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A letter to myself

Moments ago
I awaken in tears

An oddly vivid dream
Arouses my fears

Please oh please
Don't make me go to school

I'm awkward and shy
 I look like a fool

All of my peers 
So happy and alive

I can't stay awake
How can I survive

Those in control
Assume that I'm bad

My soul wants to scream
That I'm simply just sad

I don't understand
I guess it's just me

Forced into the morning
A rough stormy sea

I need an escape
A person to care

This tireless crowd
It's stealing my air

One out of five
My grades may fall

I'm trying to thrive
I feel so small

If I could be
Twenty-Seven today

My grown-up self
Would look at me and say

Just like you
The world is trying to cope

They don't understand
How to offer you hope

The only one 
Who can grasp what you need

Is yourself little girl
and you surely will succeed

Don't fear the world
or life, or your peers

See creation as a whole
and learn from your tears

You'll have many more
Making you stronger and wise

You'll live in dark days
Only lessons in disguise

You will find your purpose
You'll share what you've learned

You'll become who you are
These traits you have earned

Master your patience
By waiting for what's right

This teaches compassion
To another offers light

Pen your values to paper
Read them every day

When you're lost for an answer
They'll show you the way

Be true to yourself
Stay proud of your heart

Rise over the awry
You are so very smart

In uneasy moments
Be brave and stand tall

Speaking your wisdom
So they may not fall

Always be honest
Most importantly to yourself

Never fear what comes
When asking for help

Nurture your spirit
Pray every night

Be one with the world
Stay humble in your light

When you come to the moment 
Of clarity and peace

You'll be Twenty-Seven
And free to release

Your young teenage self
Uneasy and unsure

Smiles in response
Now happy and secure

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