Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ambiguous Loss

Ambiguous Loss

How to describe
a loss that's unknown

An undying question
if they'll ever come home.

In your heart you know
that they're ok

But what about the nights 
when they're gone far away?

Hanging by one string
The string of just hope

You can't let it break
It's our only way to cope

Once Upon a Time
Just a fuzzy distant thought

What you wish to have done over
What's left
and who's not

Our last conversation
Last hug and last smile

To feel it once more
You'd run mile after mile

Please God just please

Hold them tight every day
Please strengthen their hope
Let them know that I pray

To lose what's not gone
Is an undying pain

To live for you today
My prayer is to gain

The involuntary hope
For our parents we hold

That one small string
How I value as gold

Broken away
Unfair and gone

Living with today
For you I stay strong

If I don't again
See the memory I plead

I'll hold on to hope
That this life will still lead

This life I call mine
Has lead me to love

True hope
True faith
My Purpose 
All above

My passion is change
God's Light
So Real

No pain shall exist
That our God will not heal

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