Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Suicide Whispers

Entertaining a thought
so inviting and free

Lurks in a corner 
death whispers to me

All is lost
never to return

The ache of your mind
a heart set to burn

Not once
not twice

Not three times
but four

Your false hopes and dreams
have melted to the floor

A mind so sick
a progressive disease

The disease of your core
to nothing can ease

Tears have depleted
serving no role

The end of  your purpose 
is starving your soul

Not once
not twice

Not three times
but four

Don't hold on
there will never be more

I ask these questions
and how

If forever is never
I'll make never now

The world will thrive 
with less taken space

Something is nothing
Death cannot erase

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Elizabeth McNew | Published Author

Elizabeth McNew is a dynamic professional whose publishing acumen has resulted in amazing success for her clients. In addition to her roles as freelance writer, blogger, best-selling author and web design specialist, she has helped over one hundred aspiring authors launch and sell ebooks in nearly every genre. She also invests in website design and auctions.

While life is certainly treating her well, it wasn't always so cordial. Formerly known as Elizabeth Jeter, she grew up in the small town of South Lake Tahoe, California. During her youth, Elizabeth struggled with substance abuse, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, child custody loss and hardships in the California court system.
Her ultimate passion has always been writing and she candidly recounts her challenging journey in the controversial book, Long Blue Line-which is available on Amazon.com

It wasn't easy, but she persevered in the end and is still going strong. Her ambition is clearly evident in each project she assumes and her impeccable reputation is something new and existing clientele have learned to depend on.

To reach Elizabeth, please email [email protected] or visit her blog at http://poemaboutlife.blogspot.com

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